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DIY Wolf Suncatcher Kit with Crystals

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Capture the magic of sunlight with one of our enchanting DIY Suncatcher Craft Kits! This delightful project combines the beauty of tissue paper's translucent properties, intricate laser-cut silhouettes, and mesmerizing crystals to create a unique and eye-catching piece that will add a touch of radiance to any space.

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🌈 What's Included:
Pre-cut tissue paper in a spectrum of vibrant colors
Laser-cut wooden silhouette of your choice - the circular shape is 10cm wide
3 dazzling crystals
String to hand the crystals
Contact paper for in-between the two wooden silhouette pieces
Glue dots to hold everything together

Tissue Paper Stained Glass: Layer and adhere the vibrant tissue paper pieces to create a stunning stained glass effect. Watch as the sunlight filters through, casting a kaleidoscope of colors.

Crystal Embellishments: Elevate your suncatcher by attaching sparkling crystals. Their shimmering reflections will dance with the sunlight, creating a captivating display.

☀️ Display Your Creation:
Hang your completed suncatcher in a sunny window. Watch as it transforms the natural light into a breathtaking display of colors and shadows.

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