We're a family team! 

 We're a team of 4! 

We've got a dreamer with a business background- that's me; Rachel. I'm in charge of design, orders and making it look pretty. I like to think I am the boss. 
We've got our numbers guy- that's Cory my husband. He packs orders, ships out the products, and counts the pennies (which he does with great care!)
We've got our product tester- That's Micah, our 7 year old son. He loves to get his hands dirty and tinker. He makes sure our subscription boxes are kid approved! 
And then finally as much as we would like to take all the credit, we couldn't do it without my dad; Quinton. He's an electronic engineer. Whenever anything goes wrong he's our guy. He fixes our machinery, our computers and our bad ideas! 
How do the subscription boxes come to life?
We're constantly brainstorming ideas. Whether it be at the dinner table, lying in bed or just when we are out for a walk. When we settle on our final decision Rachel sits down at the computer and spends hours drawing, designing and perfecting the model. Next, we make the prototype, more tweaking happens after it comes to life to get it just right for Micah and his friends to test. 
We spend hours designing and testing each ArtBox because we believe in delivering the best artistic experience possible!