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Kids Twistable Cloud Pet Silicone Bracelet

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😉Create and twist up a cute little cloud bracelet with this fun DIY kit.

😉Twist up some DIY silicone beaded fun with our Bangle Pet DIY Kits! Choose from many colorful and exciting single bracelet kit options. Transform these bracelets into adorable free-standing pets with just two twists! The kids are going to LOVE twisting them back and forth from pet to bracelet!

✨Build them. Twist them. Gift them. Trade them. And COLLECT THEM ALL!

Each single kit comes with everything you need, including a silicone character bead, elastic cording and the various sized beads you need to create your pet. The kit insert comes with images and EASY step-by-step instructions.

**Kits cannot be customized for individual/personal preferences.
***Kits may vary slightly from the image provided if a particular item(s) is sold out. A similar replacement product will be inserted into the kit instead.

****Small objects and beads can present choking hazards to young children. Not recommended for below age 4. Never leave a child unattended with beads or other products. Always dispose of any damaged product. No product is completely indestructible, and fully formed teeth could potentially damage product if chewed aggressively, so responsible attentiveness is needed for any user or purchaser. Customers should always inspect and monitor their products, discontinuing use at the first sight of damage. Once our products have been sold and shipped to our customers, My Art Box waives all responsibility and liability from the use of our products. Customers are responsible that their final products made from our supplies meet the appropriate safety standards for their users.


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