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DIY Unicorn Shadow Box Light with Children's Book

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✨ This is a jam packed kit with a unicorn theme! You will be able to build and decorate a unicorn night light that you can set on your nightstand and use it in the dark! Then enjoy reading an amazing story of a little unicorn who couldn't fly but really needs to! Find out how she navigates her way through the difficult task! There are a few other bonus activities included too!

😉These boxes are well suited for those 5 and up.

❤Each box includes everything you need to complete the project from start to finish.

✔ So what exactly can you expect to receive in a box?
- instructions on how to complete the project
- a laser cut out project that requires assembly and painting
- acrylic paint
- 2 paint brushes
- 1 sponge painter
- glue
- a Blossom the Leading Unicorn illustrated children's book book
- a paint mixing guide
- a unicorn silhouette shape for painting
- 2 colouring picture of Blossom the Unicorn from the children's book

We love to personalize our boxes please let us know who they are headed for and we can include a special note with the recipient's name.

🎉Professionally Designed!
Expert designs, one of a kind, unique to us and ones you won't see anywhere else!

Create beautiful projects that last and you will be proud to share with others!

🎉Everything needed from start to finish!
Nothing extra is needed, it's all in the box!

🎉Learn something new!
Instructions that are easy to follow as well as video tutorials at!

🎉Develop your skills!
Improve on your artistic skills no matter your experience level!

❤ Thank you for shopping at My Art Box, every purchase helps support our little family.