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DIY Mini Gnome Garden, Chia Seed Garden

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Create a whimsical and enchanting gnome garden with our DIY Gnome Garden Kit! This delightful kit includes everything you need to craft your own miniature gnome oasis, perfect for adding a touch of magic to your home or garden.

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😄What's Included:
3D printed container for your gnome garden 4" long x 3" wide
Laser-cut Baltic birch gnomes and gnome home
Acrylic paint for customizing your gnome and home
Chia seeds for planting
Easy-to-follow instructions

How to Create Your Gnome Garden:
Unleash your creativity by painting the laser-cut Baltic birch gnomes and gnome home. Use the provided high-quality paint to add vibrant colors and intricate details. Let your imagination run wild as you bring these charming characters to life!
Planting Chia Seeds:

Fill the 3D printed container with soil (not included). Create a small well in the soil and sprinkle the chia seeds evenly. Gently press the seeds into the soil, ensuring good contact for optimal germination.

Once your chia seeds have sprouted and grown a lush carpet of greenery, it's time to introduce your gnomes! Carefully place the painted gnomes and their home amidst the thriving chia garden. Watch as your gnome village comes to life!
Caring for Your Gnome Garden:

Ensure your gnome garden receives adequate sunlight and water to keep the chia plants healthy and vibrant. As the chia continues to grow, your gnome village will evolve into a charming and picturesque scene.
🎀Note: Soil for planting is not included, so be sure to provide your own dirt for the growing process.

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