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DIY Male Human Body Puzzle Kit, Internal Organs Matching Game

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✨ Learn all about the human body with this male human body puzzle!

Our creative smart puzzle is a great tool both for learning and entertainment. The meditative, stress-relieving process of doing the puzzle has a great capacity of teaching kids (and adults!) how the human body works. The upper layer shows the body of a girl or a boy (you can choose between different characters), and underneath there are two layers of inner organs. The toy demonstrates clearly and eloquently how various bodily systems and particular organs are interconnected, which is an enormous help in acquainting the little ones with their bodies.

✨Included in this box is the following:
❤A human body puzzle that you can personalize with colours of your choosing
❤ A set of cards about the human body systems
❤ A game of match up with the organs that you can personalize with colours of your choosing
❤ Instructions on how to assemble the puzzle and play the match up game
❤ A colouring book of the human body's organs
❤ Crayons
❤ Markers
❤ Glue

The human body set includes 8 details corresponding to 10 organs:
- heart
- brain
- lungs
- stomach and spleen
- pancreas
- liver and gallbladder
- intestines
- bladder

The puzzle would be a great gift for children and adults. It can be used in the classroom as a teaching board. Also, it can perfectly fit into the homeschooling routine.


Some details are less than an inch in size. Make sure you let children under three years of age play with the puzzle only under an adult's supervision.

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