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Crayola 4CT Black Pip Squeak Markers

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✨ This is a great set for when you need to top up your black marker supply! A set of 4 black markers!

Pip-Squeaks Markers are small in size, but BIG in color! The easy-to-hold short barrels of these mini markers are scaled to match little hands and the ink is our special washable formula. Since Crayola washable markers are trusted to wash from skin and clothing, kids can happily color anytime, anywhere. Whether your kids are taking a long road trip or heading over to grandma’s house for the day, the compact size of Pip-Squeaks Skinnies makes them the perfect kids’ markers for travel.

The colour included are
- pink
- yellow
- lilac
- black

😉Featuring 4 washable nontoxic markers, this marker set include colours ideal for colouring, shading, and blending. Great for artists of all ages.

• Super Tips for both thin and thick lines
• Washability you can trust!
• Unique, durable tip
• Recommended for ages 3 and up
• Nontoxics

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