What’s In A Box?

What’s In A Box?

We’ve had a few questions lately about how we come up with the content for our monthly subscription boxes, and what exactly is included so I figured this was the best place to take you through the whole process.

Each month starts with an idea, or more accurately, a bunch of ideas. After discussing them as a family, we narrow down on one and I get to work on the overall design. Once the prototype comes to life thanks to our new Co2 printer, we’re able to make any necessary adjustments and then it’s off to our Product Testing team, namely my son Micah, and his friends. They’re a tough crowd so we know we’ve got a hit on our hands once they’ve given a project their stamp of approval. From there we put together the rest of the supplies needed to complete that month’s project and start boxing. Our aim is to have a kit on its way to you within five business days and then we ship on the 15th of every month thereafter. That way you’re never waiting too long for your next project!

So, what exactly is included in each month’s kit? The short answer is: everything you need! We make sure to include all the necessary supplies so that you’re not left searching the junk drawer for a paint brush or some glue while your artist grows impatient. Whether it be high quality paint, brushes, sponges, or glue, it’s all in the box along with easy-to-read instructions and a cool Did You Know fact sheet about that month’s theme.

The simple fact is that we created these art boxes to be exactly what we would want if we were buying them. Countless hours of thought, planning, design, and tinkering goes into each one and we couldn’t be more proud of the outcome. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way and to help get you started, we’re offering 30% off your first month when you subscribe to our newsletter here. Enjoy!

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