Top Ten Art Trends for 2022

Top Ten Art Trends for 2022

The art world constantly evolves with new ideas and methods to adapt to our changing cultural paradigms. So if you're an aspiring artist or an art fanatic, we've compiled a list of the top 10 Art trends that are taking 2022 by storm!

 Sustainable Art

This trend focuses on making art with inventive materials such as recycled or repurposed textiles. Many artists use these sustainable materials to present a message about climate change, waste, or even just as an inventive way to add some depth to their art!

 3D Art is very much one of the Art Trends for 2022

Artists are increasingly adding depth to their canvas by giving their art more dimensions. It could be sculptures that a computer comprises or using multiple layers to create a 3D image. Whatever the method, artists are using the power of 3D in jaw-dropping ways.

 AI-Generated Art

With the advent of programs such as DALLE-Mini, many artists are prompting AI to create artwork. While some consider it a passing gimmick, plenty of artists are finding interesting ways to incorporate this trend into thoughtful and nuanced works.

 Street Art is another one of the Art Trends for 2022

After the effect of COVID-19, people are becoming more focused on the importance of community – and street art provides a way for artists to display cultural and communal pride on a public scale.

 Virtual Art Events

Plenty of artists are moving to the online space to showcase their art – with the limitless possibilities of the web; artists are finding new ways to display their art, slowly but surely changing our understanding of the art world.

 Art about Nature

Art with natural themes has had a meteoric rise this year, perhaps as a slap back to all the virtual and AI-generated art enthusiasts out there. However, with the ever-growing reliance we place on technology, artists are using their platforms to highlight our estranged relationship with nature in the 21st Century.

 Scientific Art

Decades ago, science and art were often conceived as worlds apart. However, artists in 2022 have taken it upon themselves to highlight how you can bring complex scientific discussions and issues to the forefront of artistic endeavours.

 Crypto Art

Did somebody say NFTs? Crypto art isn’t just limited to weird cartoon monkeys. Plenty of renowned artists have hopped on board the trend to reimagine our relationship and ownership of art through the use of cryptocurrencies.

 Motion Graphic Design, definitely one of the Art Trends for 2022

In an effort to culminate the virtual with the actual, some artists have taken 3D installations to outdoor exhibits. This is in the effort to push our understanding of 'street art' by utilizing fresh technologies to immerse their audiences.

 Neon Art

Art exhibits have moved on from neon to more emerging technologies. Therefore neon art has become a popular form of art in the home for any collectors or art appreciators.

With plenty of new avenues that art is leading to in 2022, why not begin the kids on their artistic journey so they can explore this ever-growing world? So head over to our store for great DIY kits and subscriptions to get the family started on a creative journey.

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