Keeping Kids Busy in the Summer

Keeping Kids Busy in the Summer

The end of the school year always brings mixed emotions. On the one hand, the weather is nicer, many of us are looking forward to some time off, and the kids have made it through another year! However, summer holidays also usher in a time of chaos and new routines. Whether you’re scrambling to find open spaces in camps or just trying to fill the days with enough activities to keep the kids from going crazy, the next couple of months can be stressful!

To help try to keep everyone sane, we’ve compiled a few ideas for fun summer activities:

Picnic in the Park- It doesn’t have to be fancy. Cheese and crackers will do. But getting outside and somewhere a bit different can make lunchtime more exciting. Finding shapes in the clouds, looking for animals, or reading a chapter of a favourite book is a great way to spend a half hour. Bonus points if there’s a playground nearby for some after lunch play.

Nature Scavenger Hunt- You don’t need to live near the woods to go exploring. Before you leave the house make a list of a couple of types of flowers, trees or animals and see if you can find them on your walk around your neighbourhood. Even kids who resist going for a walk will be excited to search for the items on their list.

Sit them in front of the tv to watch a movie- We all do it. LOL.

Crafts- We know a thing or two about this one. Crafts are a wonderful way for kids to spend a couple of hours and they have the added benefit of helping them to develop their fine motor skills. May we suggest a subscription to My Art Box? You can save 30% on your first month when signing up to receive our emails here.

The summer can be stressful; but it can also be a lot of fun. Do you have any go-to ideas for filling those summer days? Let us know in the comments! Happy Summer!

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